martedì 25 agosto 2015


<The world is going to the dogs. You read about it in the papers every day. You see it on the news. The good old days are long gone and the only thing to look forward to is a steady decline, leading to the inevitable apocalypse.
Of course, the cities will be the first to go, overrun with illegal immigrants, violent gangs, paedophiles and foreign armies. Complete economic collapse comes next, followed by direct chemical and nuclear strikes. And all this while rising sea levels flood the streets. It's going to be a real ball-ache and- look around you - it's practically happening already. It's going on, over there, right behind the Pepsi billboard!
But there are more immediate concerns for us, because the train is late and it's already 8.45 a.m. The baby's awake all night and the kids are bunking off school. Letters from the bank are stacking up, unopened, on the kitchen table. The view from the office window is another office window, one packet of cigarettes has become two, Facebook show no Friend Requests and one side of the bed is always empty. And we are all waiting for those days when the sun breaks through the clouds and, for once, the city looks...perhaps not so bad after all. This is happening in London and Beijing, New York and Moscow, invert city, in every Starbucks...There are the real dramas, this is real news>.
(Global Model Village)

Sia un progetto di installazione di street art sia un progetto fotografico, lo scopo è quello di incoraggiarci ad essere più consapevoli del nostro ambiente. E'sorprendente l'umorismo di questi piccoli personaggi nonostante l'importanza del tema.

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  1. Marianna complimenti. Sei una voce fuori dal coro, un angolo privilegiato da dove guardare il mondo.

    1. Mi fai arrossire:) sei sempre così gentile, dai una carica che nemmeno immagini!!!
      Mille volte GRAZIE